We are still delivering online orders both in the UK and internationally.
Due to staff shortages please allow a little longer for orders to arrive. Where possible please also email enquiries instead of phone.

Our Cookies

Many people want to shop without registering with a website.

By using Cookies, we can access hundreds of individual shopping carts at the same time. You won't have to register with us beforehand and our server is not strained carrying lots of bytes of data, because the shopping cart information is held in our database.

In short, it tells us which shopping cart is yours.

What is in our cookie?

A unique identifier, based on your session ID.

E.g.. AL_2286945321

Nothing else is kept in the cookie, nor on your PC. Everything else is held in our database.

Our server requests your cart ID number from the cookie and uses that to match you with your shopping cart. No-one else can see your shopping cart.