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  • A 3 phase transformer, (often referred to as a 3 phase converter or 3 phase power transformer), can be used in a wide range of environments making these products very versatile. Further Details about our range of 3 phase transformers can be found below.

    Further Details

    • 3 Phase Isolating transformers
    • 3 Phase Auto transformers (Non Isolating)
    • Autowound transformers have the advantage of being smaller and cheaper than double wound isolating type
    • Range from 1kva to 200kv
    • Step up , Step down and 1:1 transformers
    • Star or Delta connection

    3 Phase Transformers

    Airlink Transformers – a leading, UK based toroidal transformer manufacturer and seller.

    Custom wholesale orders

    As a design and manufacturing company, we are able to custom build transformers to suit your exact specification. Service available for larger orders with an initial prototype.

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