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CM5000255 - Standard Range Toroidal Transformers

Standard Range Toroidal Transformer

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5000VA 230v to 2x55v

Input Voltage 230
Output Voltage 55+55
VA 5000


1-4 £233.00
5-24 £221.35
25-49 £209.70
50-99 £203.88
100+ £198.05

5000VA 230v to 2x55v

Input Voltage230
Input Termination200mm Flexible leads 14awg
Input Current21.7
Output Voltage55+55
Output Current Amps45.5
Output Termination200mm Flexible leads 12awg
DimensionOD: 240 Ht: 110mm
Product TypeSafety Isolating transformer Conforms to EN61558-2-6 CE & RoHS
FixingFixing Potted centre Drilled 12mm
Customise & Buy - Customise your transformers with these extras
Part No. Description Price Quantity  
ES04 Electrostatic screen 18.00
Notes: An electrostatic screen is a layer of copper foil wound over the primary winding which is grounded to earth. This shield is intended to screen the electric field from the primary and thereby reduce interference. It also reduces leakage current.
Part No. Description Price Quantity  
SP04 Split Primary 115+115 10.00
Notes: Dual primary for European or American use
Part No. Description Price Quantity  
NM04 EMI/RFI Shield 15.00
Notes: A grain orientated silicon steel band is wound around the finished transformer to attenuate possible electromagnetic & radio frequency radiation.