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SL0107 - Halogen Lighting Transformers

Halogen Lighting Transformer

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100VA 230v to 12-13-14v

Input Voltage 230
Output Voltage 12-13-14v
VA 100


1-4 £88.00
5-24 £83.60
25-49 £79.20
50-99 £77.00
100+ £74.80

100VA 230v to 12-13-14v

Input Voltage230
Input TerminationScrew terminals with fuse
Input Current0.4347826086956522
Output Voltage12-13-14v
Output Current Amps8.3
Output Termination6way screw terminal
Output NotesFeatures step up voltage (12 13 or 14volts) to compensate for any voltgae drop on long cable runs
Product CaseSL100 White steel case
DimensionHt:70 L:230 W:140 (mm)
Primary ProtectionGlass fuse
Product TypeSafety Isolating transformer Conforms to EN61558-2-23 CE & RoHS
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