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AUCBS1000 - Conditioning Balanced Power Supply

Conditioning Balanced Power Supply

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1000VA 230v to 230v CTE Two Australian 3 pin sockets

Input Voltage 230
Output Voltage 230
VA 1000


1-4 £250.00
5-24 £237.50
25-49 £225.00
50-99 £218.75
100+ £212.50

1000VA 230v to 230v CTE Two Australian 3 pin sockets

Input Voltage230
Input NotesRFI & EMI screening for audio applications
Input TerminationMains lead with Australian 3pin plug
Input Current4.3
Output Voltage230
Output Current Amps4.3
Output TerminationTwo Australian 3pin sockets
Product CaseUSL2 Grey powder coated Steel case
DimensionHt:120 W:190 L:260
Primary ProtectionPush to reset circuit breaker SP6
Surge ProtectionSL32 Surge Limiter
Product TypeSafety Isolating transformer Conforms to EN61558-2-23 CE & RoHS
NotesIEC Inlet 2-pole with Line filter & Elecxtrostatic Shield
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