3PTS11850 - 3P+N Isolating Delta Star

3P+N Isolating Delta Star

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10kva 3P Delta Star 480v to 415v Hardwired

Input Voltage 480
Output Voltage 415
VA 10000


1-4 £840.00
5-24 £798.00
25-49 £756.00
50-99 £735.00
100+ £714.00

10kva 3P Delta Star 480v to 415v Hardwired

Input Voltage480
Input TerminationM5 Brass studs
Input Current13
Output Voltage415
Output Current Amps15
Output TerminationM5 Brass studs
Output NotesLine to Line 415v Line to neutral 240vac
Product CaseP6 Industrial floor/wall mounting case IP23
DimensionHt:454 L: 384 W:305 (mm)
Product TypeIsolating transformer Conforms to EN61558-2-6 CE & RoHS
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