WP0214 - Outdoor Waterproof Transformers

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200VA 230v to Single 12-13-14v Waterproof transformer

Input Voltage 230
Output Voltage 12-13-14
VA 200


1-4 £70.00
5-24 £66.50
25-49 £63.00
50-99 £61.25
100+ £59.50

200VA 230v to Single 12-13-14v Waterproof transformer

Input Voltage230
Input TerminationTB03 2way screw terminal Medium 24A
Input Current0.8695652173913043
Output Voltage12-13-14
Output Current Amps16
Output TerminationTB03 4way screw terminal Medium 24A
Output NotesThis transformer can be stepped up to 13 v or 14v to compensate for voltage dropped with long cable runs
Product Case601 Black Durable reinforced waterproof case IP67
DimensionHt:185 W:160 L:160
Primary ProtectionMO3 Self resetting Thermal-current cutout
Surge ProtectionSL15 Surge Limitor
Product TypeSafety Isolating transformer Conforms to EN61558-2-23 CE & RoHS
NotesTwo waterproof glands supplied loose
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Part No. Description Price Quantity  
WB801 Fit Wall mounting Bracket 26.00
Notes: Wall mounting bracket fitted to case