American Voltage Converter Technical Notes

Voltage Converter Selection Guide

  • The power consumption is stated in VA or Watts and can in most instances be considered the same, 300W = 300VA
  • Most appliances will have a rating label on the back Stating voltage and power for example: 120vac 198va in this case choose a 200va transformer
  • Always check individual rating label or instruction whenever possible
  • If an inadequately rated transformer is used, the transformer will cut out periodically or blow fuses. In all cases it is important that the transformer is rated above the appliance with which it is to be used.
  • Temperature Our converters are designed to run at a max of 40degC above ambient. They may get hot during full load operation and should NOT be placed on carpet or other soft furnishing.
  • Ventilation Converter must have free air ventilation and not be covered.
  • Frequency The mains frequency in the ECC is 50hertz and in the USA 60hertz all our transformers are designed for 50/60hertz.
  • We cannot step the frequency up or down. This requires a signal generator and amplifier. Almost all-electronic equipment is suitable for 47 to 63htz
  • Regulation This is the power lost (heat) in the normal operation of the transformer. A regulation of 6% means the transformer is 94% efficient
  • Manufactured to Class A 105degC
  • RoHS & CE Compliant
  • Clocks If a timing device is included the speed of the device may change due to the frequency change. 60Hz to 50Hz Digital clocks will be OK as they are not be affected by the change in frequency. However Analog clocks are and will run slowly.
  • Off load Converter are safe to be left on when not in use and draw a very low current (Typically 30ma)


Listed below are typical ratings
CD player 100 va
Christmas tree lights 50 va
Computers 300 va
DVD player 100 va
Electric kettle 1500 va
Freezer 1000 va
Games console 100 va
Hair dryer 2000 va
Hair Straightening Iron 250 va
Hand Blender 440 va
Hi fi 300 va
Laptop computer 100 va
Large fridge freezer 1000 va
Large Vacuum Cleaner 1500 va
Nebulisers 100 va
Radios 50 va
Refridgerator 300 va
Rice Cooker 1400 va
Small home printer 70 va
Small Vacuum Cleaner 750 va
Soy Milk Maker 1000 va
Television Large flat screen 400 va
Television Medium 300 va
Television Small 12" 100 va
Travel Iron 500 va
Video player 100 va
Washing machine 2000 va
Water Purifier machine 280 va
X Box Games consol 300 va

Twin socket Transformers. The total load of both appliances must not exceed the rating shown on the label.

The above figures are an indication only and legal responsibility or liability for the accuracy or otherwise of any statement herein is hereby excluded in respect of the author of the material.