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Custom Built Transformers

Custom / Bespoke transformer design and build service

Custom built transformers & design service

As a design and manufacturing company specialising in custom transformers, we are able to make custom build transformers to suit your exact specification. This can either be a one-off transformer - for a specialist task - or a repeatable wholesale order. We can also supply specialised equipment including custom audio transformers for example. We offer the service in two ways:

1. Customising an existing product:

Browse and select a transformer from our online shop that most closely suits your needs. Then get in touch with our office to request adjustments. We will then send you a quote, leaving you with completed a quality custom made toroidal transformer/s from an existing product.

2. Request custom made transformers from scratch: :

If you can't find a closely matching product from our existing range, then you can send us your specification for an entirely bespoke custom toroidal transformer. We offer this service for most of our ranges including 3 Phase, step up/down and audio balanced power supplies. This is what makes us specialist custom transformer manufacturers.

For either service please phone our office and we will arrange for a specialist to discuss your custom toroidal transformer requirements.

Telephone: Purchasing and Sales +44 (0)1279 431865

Email: enquiries@airlinktransformers.com



A wholesale custom made transformers example:

In 2012 we were commissioned to design and build 100 high specification custom transformers for a new wind turbine farm in California. The client, Vestas, needed ultra safe tool transformers to be installed within each wind turbine. The mechanical lifetime of each transformer needed to be 20 years and able to operate in temperatures of -40 to 70 degrees C.

One off custom made toroidal transformers example:

Custom step-up and step-down transformers are a common requirement for media organisations running electronic equipment imported from abroad. In the run up to the 2012 Olympics we supplied various USA voltage convertors to the BBC to handle the unique coverage needs of the event.